Coronavirus third wave: If we all come together and try this remedy the corona will be controlled!


Regarding the corona epidemic, the chief scientific advisor of the central government, Vijay Raghavan, said that if precautions are taken, we can prevent the third wave of pandemic coronavirus from coming. He said that if all are cautious and follow the guidelines, perhaps the third wave of corona will occur in some places or nowhere.

Raghavan said that whether or not the third wave of Corona will come depends on how we all follow the guidelines. At the individual level, at the local level, at the state level, and everywhere, if you take precautions and follow the guidelines, you can prevent the third wave of corona from coming.

Raghavan said that there has been a peak at different times in different places around the world and in India and it is important to understand when and why the infection increases. He said that the infection increases when the coronavirus gets a chance. If he does not get a chance, he will not be able to get infected either.