Coronavirus: Plasma therapies show less effect on patients


Another medical study has been done to find out the effect of plasma therapy in the treatment of corona infected patients. In this, after giving plasma to the infected patient, it has less effect in reaching the critical stage or preventing the possibility of death.

In this study published in the British Medical Journal, 464 patients were given plasma. Earlier, ICMR also did not study plasma therapy in more than 400 patients. Both have almost identical results.

464 infected patients admitted between April and July were included in the study. Of this, 239 patients were given plasma twice. While 229 patients should be placed in another group who were given other medical treatment. Exactly one month later, he was given plasma, 44 of them either met in critical condition or died.

Scientists at the National Institute of Epidemiology in Tamil Nadu have found that giving plasma therapy is definitely reducing the symptoms of infection in patients. Within seven days, the symptoms are being reduced.

Plasma therapy will continue in Goa

The Goa government has made it clear that it will continue the plasma therapy for the treatment of corona. On Friday, State Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said that the results have been found in the state. Good recovery was recorded in 19 Kovid patients in the state. The Goa government will continue plasma therapy for patients on the advice of a state-level expert committee.