Coronavirus India: 15-day corona curfew in Maharashtra, complete ban on non-essential services


Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in the country and the number of daily cases is creating new records every day. In view of the increasing cases of the corona, a 15-day public curfew has been imposed in Maharashtra. During this period, all essential items will be allowed in the state but non-essential items will be banned.

Resident doctors of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, worried over VIP culture, wrote a letter to PM Modi

Distressed by the VIP culture in hospitals, the Doctors Association of AIIMS Bhubaneswar has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi. Doctors wrote that in government hospitals like AIIMS, the preference given to the bureaucrats, politicians, and political party workers in treatment should be removed. It was written in the letter that all life support, ICU services are being booked for VIPs. Even many people do not need it, but the work can be done by keeping them in isolation.

Madhya Pradesh: Radha Somi Satsang Beas Kovid Center of Indore

In view of the rising outbreak of corona in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, the district administration has decided to convert Radha Somi Satsang Beas Ground into Kovid-19 Center. The nodal officer said that patients with asymptomatic symptoms would be placed here. In the first phase, 500 beds, in the second phase, if needed, one thousand beds will be provided. Here medicine, food will be absolutely free.

15-day corona curfew in Maharashtra, complete ban on non-essential services

The second wave of coronavirus in the country is extremely dangerous and the daily cases data is breaking new records every day. Emphasizing the Corona cases, the Maharashtra government has decided to impose a 15-day curfew (mini lockdown) across the state. During this period, all services except the essential goods will be banned.