Coronavirus: Guidelines of states have come! Click here to know what decision was taken


The central government issued rules and regulations. After this, the states also gave guidelines according to their needs. There was curiosity about the transport in this. People were waiting whether the buses would ply or not. If we go more, will it go from one state to another? We will tell you about it here.


Kejriwal government has given permission to run buses. But no more than 20 people can sit in buses at one time. Also, the temperature of the passengers will also be checked. Buses will not ply to cities in other states like Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad. It has been said that talks will be held with the governments of UP and Haryana.


Permission to run buses has been issued inside the state. But now the buses will run on the same routes, for which the Home Department will give permission. Buses will not ply in Red Zone and Containment areas. In the Orange and Green zones the bus can run from one district to another. Buses will also be able to run inside the cities coming into the Green Zone. It has not been decided yet about other states.

Uttar Pradesh

Permission to run buses for other states has not been issued here yet. Nor are buses allowed from other states. Buses will be run from one district to another within the state. But when, how, a separate order will be issued.

Intra state transport means moving vehicles and buses within the states. That is, buses go from one district to another. Buses ply inside the city. This decision has also been left to the states. The rules for traveling people in trains and buses have already been stated. That is, social distancing will have to be kept. Gotta wear masks. Only passengers below the total capacity can sit on the bus. For example, a maximum of 20 to 25 passengers can be accommodated in a 50-seater bus.