Coronavirus: Dose ready for 60 million people, vaccination campaign to run in two to three phases


Even though the coronavirus vaccine is not yet available, production has already started at the marathon level. The situation is that the dose for six crore people in the country has already been prepared before vaccination.

These include the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech. The Serum Institute of India has prepared four and a half million doses so far, while Biotech has started its production.

Apart from these, Russia's Sputnik-5 vaccine is also in production status. The dose of this vaccine has reached Delhi two days ago, which will be used for Phase III trials.

Looking at the pace of vaccine production, it can be said that the fight against the coronavirus that has been going on for the last several months has now come very close to the last stop. More than one coronavirus vaccine may be available to people in the coming days.

There is a possibility that vaccines of different companies may also be available in the market by next year. But according to the plan set at the government level, the first 30 million people of the country will get the vaccine.

National Task Force member and ICMR scientist told that after the successful completion of the second phase, the teak is towards the third stage, their production has started.

Since the whole world including India is waiting for the Kovid-19 vaccine. In such a situation, market demand cannot be ignored. He told me that if the vaccine is not successful, then the advanced production of the said vaccine may also fail.

However, this is also less likely because production is being started only after satisfactory results of two phases. To get rid of the coronavirus, research is currently underway on 155 vaccines worldwide, of which 47 are in a phased trial. These include Pfizer, Biotech, Bharat Biotech, Oxford, Sputnik-5, etc. Pfizer has claimed 90 percent success based on the tests conducted so far.