Coronavirus: Delta, gamma reduce antibodies, but the vaccine is not completely ineffective


The delta and gamma variants of the coronavirus have caused havoc in many countries of the world including India. During the second wave where most of the cases in India were found to be linked to the delta variant. At the same time, due to this variant in the UK, the situation is moving from normal to unusual.

Scientists said, between March and May, there were cases of re-infection in the second wave but the condition did not become serious.

However, scientists say that these variants have reduced the level of antibodies, due to which the patients have been infected twice or twice. This shows that the antibodies to the vaccine have also worked by the new variant, but the study has shown that Indian vaccines are effective even after these new variants are aggressive.

Scientists at the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, say that to understand the effect of the new variant, they took samples of 20 people who had recently been diagnosed with corona and found the new variant.

Similarly, samples of 17 people were taken who were given both doses of Covaxin at a span of 28 days. During the examination of these samples, it was found that the antibodies in them could not last even 3 months.

Breakthrough cases increased significantly

In the study, it has been found that even after the antibodies decreased, Covaxin continued to fight the virus and did not allow the patient to go into a serious condition. Dr. Pragya Yadav of NIV said that during the study it is clear that the new variants are reducing antibodies.

Its disadvantage is that the cases of re-infection and breakthrough (infection after vaccination) have increased significantly. But it has not become more severe in those taking the vaccine, which shows that the vaccine is effective even on the new variant.

The new variant took effect

UK Public Health also reported that only 60 to 63 percent of AstraZeneca's vaccine (Covishield) is working on the Delta variant. While the vaccine of companies like Pfizer, Moderna, Biocon, etc. has also been affected by the new variant. After this, the UK government has also reduced the 90-day interval between two doses of Covishield to six to eight weeks. Whereas India has already increased this period to 16 weeks from 1 month ago.

Antibodies decreased by up to five times

It has been found in the study that people who had corona in the first wave and developed antibodies in their bodies. In those people infected with the new variant during the second wave, antibody levels were up to five times lower. Similarly, those who took both doses of Covaxin were found to have up to 3 times fewer antibodies. Even after this, their condition did not become serious.