Corona: Vaccine trial in four states including Punjab, mockdryl for vaccination from today


The trial before the coronavirus vaccination is going to start in four states including Punjab from Monday, which will run till Tuesday. Vaccination preparedness trials will be conducted in two districts of these states. During this time there will be a type of mockery before vaccination. During this time no one will get vaccinated, but the procedure will be completed.

The trial will start in two districts of states

The Health Ministry said on Sunday that the trial is being done in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, and Gujarat. Vaccination preparations are almost complete in these states. In order to take stock of preparations, it is necessary to check all the points before vaccination. During this period, the district teams will practice how medical monitoring will be done, apart from cold chain to people registration and dosing at the vaccine booth.

Information will be shared on Kovin App

The district administration will share information by logging on to the Kovin app and website. The Health Ministry says that the exercise is being carried out for two days till December 29. It will be an attempt to know how the vaccination program will be done keeping in mind the physical distance. The Central Government will also keep a complete watch on this. The outline and guidelines related to the program have been sent to the respective states.