Corona Vaccine: It is important to have both doses of the same vaccine, know the answers to important questions


The world's largest vaccination campaign is going to start in the country through the Co-Win app. In the first phase, the elderly and sick people are to be vaccinated along with health workers and essential people. After this, normal people have to start getting vaccinated.

No vaccine-making company has claimed the vaccine has any effect on children, nor has any country given the green signal for it. In such a situation, we have many questions about the vaccine, whose answer is necessary to know.

No vaccine for pregnant women

The corona vaccine trial did not include women who were pregnant and breastfed. On this basis, here also they cannot get the vaccines of Oxford-AstraZeneca (KovidShield), Pfizer, and Bharat-Biotech.

If the vaccine is safe in emergency use, pregnant or lactating women will consider to be vaccinated, wear a mask for the time being and avoid going crowded, this is the biggest vaccine.

Heart patients can also get vaccinated

There is no risk of heart disease from any vaccine. The effect of the vaccine has been investigated on such patients. Patients with diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, and asthma can also get vaccinated without any hesitation.

Keep in mind, seek medical advice once before getting vaccinated. Put the correct documents related to your disease on Co-Win so that the experts can analyze it. Do not be careless about any disease-related document.

No effect on fertility

The rumor of vaccination affecting fertility is a byproduct of the Internet. No such evidence has been found in any vaccine trials. Which affects fertility. Not getting the Corona vaccine can cause many health hazards. If a woman is taking IVF treatment, then talk to the doctor once before taking the vaccine. If you have been injected before getting the vaccine, then tell the doctor about it.

Do not take any intoxication 24 hours before

Avoid any type of intoxication 24 hours before getting vaccinated. Due to the presence of intoxicants in the blood, there is a possibility of fluid. Charas, hemp, and other drought addicts must take the doctor's approval once before applying the vaccine. Some kind of carelessness can make it difficult for health workers with you. Plu and corona vaccines are not to be administered simultaneously. On medical advice, a difference of a few days is necessary.

The same vaccine in both doses

The first vaccine of Corona will be used as the second dose. It cannot be differentiated yet. After getting the first vaccine, read every slip you get. If you get vaccinated for the second time, then be sure that you are getting the same vaccine again that you had for the first time. The misc match test is underway on two different vaccines but has not yet been included in the vaccination campaign.

Show the doctor the treatment and medication form before getting the vaccine

People who take blood-thinning medications or anticoagulant injections may experience short-term bleeding when they are vaccinated. Apart from this, there may be a pain in the hands. Public Health England says that people taking anticoagulant injections should get vaccinated only when their health is good. Before giving the vaccine, tell the doctor in which hand you are taking an anticoagulant injection and show him the treatment and medicine paper.

Do not rush for a vaccine after the operation. Any kind of operation is a complex process. The patient is undergoing antibiotics after the operation. His immunity is also weak. Such patients should not rush to get vaccinated. Take rest first, heal the wound and feel energetic only then get vaccinated on the advice of the doctor. Getting hurriedly vaccinated can increase the discomfort of suffering.