Corona Vaccine: All Obstacles Ended, Vaccination Will Start With Three Vaccines


India has gone one step further in getting out of Corona. According to the exclusive information received by Amar Ujala, almost all the problems with the coronavirus vaccine are over. New cold chains are no longer required due to low temperatures. India will launch Kovid-19's first and the world's largest adult vaccination program next year with three different vaccines.

In a meeting held on Monday with all the experts of the Central Government regarding vaccination, all the points regarding the strategy were discussed. Apart from the top officials of the National Task Force, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company was also present during this period. The decisions taken in the meeting have been sent to the PM till late evening. According to the information, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will discuss this strategy with the Chief Ministers of the country on Tuesday.

The most important thing in this is that the states do not have to purchase the vaccine and all the states will be made available in equal numbers daily, keeping the right of equality from the center. Apart from this, due to the high number of people required in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra, the governments there will be advised to work on better strategies.

No change in strategy

A senior official told Amar Ujala that the strategy that India had been pursuing since the beginning of the vaccine will no longer be changed. Now that the results of AstraZeneca have been reported to be satisfactory and the final test of Bharat Biotech is also going on. In such a situation, the government will move ahead with the vaccines of these two companies.

In the meantime, Russia or Geneva and Zydus Cadila vaccine will also be included in the vaccination program. On the other hand, a member of the National Task Force considered the old strategy only better and said that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe at very low temperatures. But for AstraZeneca and Bharat Biotech, we do not have to work on cold chains separately. In addition, the production of syringes for vaccination is also in full swing.