Corona Vaccination: Target to be completed in 60 days now will be completed in 100 days


The government has cut the vaccine booths by 50 percent before vaccination starts, to review adverse events and other vaccines to be exposed by April. The government had first planned to give vaccines to five lakh people a day at five thousand booths, but due to the time taken by other companies to get vaccines, the government reduced the number of booths from 5 thousand to 2934. Where three lakh people will get vaccinated instead of five in a day.

According to the earlier plan, the government was considering giving vaccines to three crore health workers and security personnel in 60 days, but now it may take about 100 days under the new scheme. According to one estimate, the vaccine will not be given to anyone except health workers and security personnel before April 16.

A senior official associated with the vaccination program said that the vaccination program is being started in the country with the help of only two vaccines. Initially, the challenges regarding vaccination are considerable. One of these is less vaccine and the other is challenge adverse events. In view of this, the number of vaccine booths in all states has been cut. The vaccination will remain slow for a few months after the commencement of vaccination. When more vaccines come out from April to May, only then can the vaccination program be carried forward rapidly. Till then the vaccination program has been running at a normal pace, so there has been a 50 percent reduction in the number of booths.

The second phase will start with 4 to 5 vaccines

In fact, the government has come up with a new strategy in a phased manner regarding the vaccination of the coronavirus. Under this, vaccination for three crore people with two vaccines will start but the second phase will not be started until four to five vaccines are revealed. Under the second phase, 27 crore people have to be vaccinated. Apart from this, vaccines are also available for the common people at affordable prices in the market. This will be possible only when the government has more than two vaccines available.

Difficult to get the vaccine before the common man

Also told that till May, the country can get five more different types of vaccines. Only after the introduction of these vaccines, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will decide on the prices of these in a meeting with the Chief Ministers of all the states. PM Modi himself gave this information in a meeting held two days ago. After Kovishield and Kovacsin were allowed in an emergency, there was a discussion about the vaccine being available to the general public in the next two months, but the new government strategy shows that the vaccine will not be available to the general public before June.