corona vaccination: India overtakes America, 10 lakhs got corona vaccine in 6 days


India has succeeded in vaccinating more than 1 million health workers in the country before one week, beating the US. 10,40,014 employees have been vaccinated. The Health Ministry says that by 7 pm, the number of vaccinators in the country has crossed 1 million.

Additional Secretary of the Union Ministry of Health, Dr. Manohar Adnani said that on Thursday, it was organized in 27 states across the country. In which 2,30,530 health workers were vaccinated. So far 18,161 sessions of immunization have been conducted.

The patient admitted in Udaipur, was the first to be vaccinated

According to the Ministry of Health, one patient has been admitted to Udaipur. This patient was first vaccinated on 16 January According to medical information, there has been no problem due to the vaccination. The patient is admitted because of an intracranial hemorrhage.

Increased immunization in these states

Immunized in 27 states across the country on Thursday. 15,507 in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar 15,798, Chandigarh 284, Delhi 5,128, Gujarat 12,212, Haryana 15,491, Himachal 695, Jammu and Kashmir 2,408, Karnataka 16,103, Kerala 10,266, Madhya Pradesh 7,117, Odisha 26,558, Punjab 4,832 Tamil Nadu, 6,497 Telangana, 26,441 Tripura, 26,441 Tripura, 5,538 have been vaccinated in Uttarakhand 2003 and 7,187 in West Bengal.

The number of centers will increase

The ministry has made changes to the Co-Win website. Under this, the state government can increase the number of centers here as well as hold more than one session at the same place.