Corona vaccination: Health workers received the vaccine even after not being named on the list


Even after rehearsing thrice, the first day of vaccination faced a lot of difficulties. Where there were problems in uploading data due to the internet. At the same time, even those who were not named in the list got the corona vaccine. A major reason behind this was not to come forward to the health workers for the vaccine.

In many places across the country, health workers on the list refused to get vaccinated, after which other employees were given a chance. These employees were not already named in the list. Due to this, the Central Government has written a letter to all the states on Saturday evening asking for the information of health workers again which will be uploaded district wise on the Kovin website.

A senior official of the Union Health Ministry said that the names of many health workers were not included in the list. The names of these employees were not visible on the Kovin website. Due to this, there have been problems in some places. These problems have occurred due to a lack of updated data from the states. He said that other employees were given a chance in place of those who did not get the vaccine. The names of these employees were not already included in the list. Now there is a need to update the data anew.

At the same time, Dr. Manohar Agnani, Additional Secretary of the Union Health Ministry, said in a conversation with Amar Ujala that the imperfections found technically have been rectified. It is expected that the situation will be normal in the coming days. He said no vaccine could be forcibly given to any health worker. This entire process is volunteer-based. In Delhi too, such problems were encountered in some places.