Corona vaccination: For the first time in seven days, 3.32 crores got vaccinated


For the first time in the country, a new record has been set in seven days regarding corona vaccination. More than 3.32 crore people have taken the vaccine during a week. While in this vaccination program that started from January 16, the maximum number of 247 million vaccines was given between April 3 and 9, but during the last 19 to 25 June, 3,36,62,133 people have taken the vaccine in the country. Of these, 3684031 people have completed vaccination by taking the second dose. Whereas more than 2.99 crore people took the vaccine for the first time.

According to the Covin website, between 15 and 21 May, 92.10 lakh people got vaccinated. After this, the vaccination is increasing every week. For two weeks between June 5 and 18, this speed was being seen at the same level as in April.

During this, 2.08 and 2.11 crore people took the vaccine, respectively. But after June 19, it has increased significantly and more than one crore people have joined the vaccination as compared to last week.

Since June 21, the government has launched a special campaign for vaccination across the country, under which apart from an adequate supply of vaccines, vaccination has increased significantly. On June 21, for the first time in the world, the record of giving the corona vaccine to 86 lakh people in a day was made in India itself. Whereas 60.73 lakh people have taken the vaccine on the last day.

Although there has been a decrease in immunizations on June 22, 23, and 24 as compared to June 21, it is significantly higher as compared to other days. Talking about Friday, this figure has been seen even less. Till 2.30 pm, only seven lakh people took the vaccine in the country.