Corona vaccination : Center said, 51.60 crore vaccines will be taken by July 31


The central government on Tuesday rubbished reports that claimed that the government would not be able to achieve the target of providing 50 crores COVID vaccines to citizens by the end of July. The government said that by July 31, a total of 51.60 crore doses would be given.

The Health Ministry issued a statement saying that in some recent reports, it has been said that the target of giving 50 crore doses to the citizens by the end of July has not been met. This news is based on wrong information. The real fact is that by July 31, 2021, the government would have given more than 50.60 crore doses. Vaccines are being provided to the states as per the allocation plan made earlier.

They are informed about the number of doses in advance. This supply lasts for the whole month. Even at the end of the month, the supplied doses are delivered to the citizens. A large number of vaccines are in the supply pipeline which will be released in the next few days. Since January till date 45.60 crore doses have been provided to the States and Union Territories. 6.03 crore more doses will be supplied by July 31. The figure they got will cross 51.60 crores.

9.6 crore people got a double dose

India has achieved the target of giving 44.19 crore doses, which is the highest in the world. Of these, two doses of Kovid-19 have been given to 9.6 crore people. At the same time, 11.97 crore corona vaccines were given to people in June and in July the number will be 10.62 crores.