Corona: Sodium hypochlorite chemical applied on laborers is dangerous, has a fatal effect


Employees are seen spraying disinfectants on migrating workers in videos coming from different parts of the country including Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. Sodium hypochlorite is being used for this. This swimming pool is used to clean the pool, eliminate infection-smelling. It is extremely fatal for the body. According to experts, only 0.5 percent of this chemical in water is very harmful.

Workers' health in many parts of Uttar Pradesh, including Bareilly

Uses in hygiene products: It is also used in cleaning polluted water. It accounts for 2–10 percent of household cleaning products. A liquid containing 0.005% is also used to cure skin bleaching and wounds.

Deadly to the skin and eyes, More than 0.5 percent sodium hypochlorite in water can cause skin burn. Eye damage can also occur. There may be complaints of itching and burning.

Claims and reality

Assumption: Corona infection cannot spread in hot and humid areas.

Truth: Novel corona can spread in any climate. They also include warm-moist lakes. Stay away from infection by taking preventive measures.

Confusion: Cold weather and ice can eliminate germs.

Fact: There is no evidence of virus eradication in ice and cold weather. The body temperature remains between 36.5 degrees to 37 degrees.

Wouldn't this disease come close by taking a bath with hot water?

There is no truth in it. On the contrary, bathing with hot water can damage your skin. The way to avoid this is to wash your hands with soap.

Drying hands with a hand driver kill the virus?

No. This is a misconception. Washing hands with soap are important. After that, the hands can be dried with towels, tissue paper or hand droppers.