Corona's protein-based potential vaccine would be most suitable for India: Scientist


Amidst the positive results of testing many potential vaccines to combat corona worldwide, scientists have said that vaccines may not be effective for India, which requires extremely low temperatures for storage and protein-based vaccines. May be appropriate for

The scientists described the potential vaccine being developed by the US company Novavax as the most suitable for India and said that the decision to buy the right vaccine for Kovid-19 would depend on several factors. This will depend on how safe the vaccine is, its cost, and how convenient it is to use. With this, three potential vaccines can be ruled out, which have proved to be more than 90 percent effective in the last few days.

Pfizer-BioNotech has proved to be 90 percent effective, Sputnik five 92 percent, and Moderna 94.5 percent effective in the third stage interim results. Tests of these potential vaccines have raised hopes that the coronavirus vaccine may soon be found. None of these three are protein-based, but the American company Moderna is probably best suited for Indian conditions.

Is suitable, because it does not require a much lower temperature than other potential vaccines. Disease immunity scientist Satyajit Rath said the US-backed Pfizer-BioNotech and Russia's Sputnik Five needed to be kept at a much lower temperature than the protein-based potential vaccines being developed by Novavax.