Corona's awe: People's attitude towards black market, ready to spend up to 1000 dollars even on unproven medicines


Corona infections in India are making new ones every day. Breaking all records to date, over 3 lakh 80 thousand new cases have been registered in the last 24 hours, while 2263 patients have died. The epidemic has led to a severe shortage of oxygen, ICUs, ventilators, beds, and medicines in hospitals. Black marketing of Remedesivir drug is taking place. Family members are turning to the black market to save the patient's life. Medicines used in other diseases are also being used to treat corona. In this racket, middlemen have to pay the asking price, yet are not getting timely injections, causing the untimely death of patients.

The sudden increase in the number of corona infections in Delhi has severely affected the health systems. Most hospitals and pharmacies in the capital do not have stock of medicines. So people are being forced to buy drugs and injections in black. Medicines such as Remedisvir and steroids used in corona disease have become increasingly acute. People are facing a lot of difficulties in getting treatment.

Injection being sold for 74 thousand rupees

Ashish Poddar's father Rajesh Poddar (68) was a corona patient in the country's capital New Delhi. Ashish Poddar got admitted to a private hospital for better treatment, but the hospital management raised his hands after citing the shortage of medicines. Ashish turned to the black market. The middlemen demanded $ 1000 to deliver the medicine. Ashish immediately gave him 74,000 rupees, but even after hours passed, he did not get the medicine available and his father died. Not only Ashish who goes through this crisis but every day thousands of people buy medicines from middlemen to save the life of the patient.