Corona patients not monitored in time in the country: parliamentary committee


Even though the country has crossed the first peak with the Coronavirus, the parliamentary committee believes that patients infected with the virus were not monitored in time. Corona's investigation did not catch momentum in time. Due to this, the effect of the transition started from the city to the rural areas.

Parliament's Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare said in its report submitted to Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, "Corona cases in the country have increased exponentially." After getting a new patient, those who came in contact with him were not monitored in time, due to which more infected patients remained outside the reach of the government.

The government insisted on antigen testing, while this investigation is less reliable. The committee has appealed to the government to encourage RT-PCR investigation as much as possible. So that the correct picture can be revealed. The committee has also sought to evaluate the veracity of rapid antigen screening.

The committee has praised the government for the lockdown in the country. The committee believes that the lives of millions of people could be saved by a timely declaration of lockdown. However, there were many flaws in fighting the epidemic.

During the lockdown, there have also been very serious results due to emergency supply of goods, red tape, less investigation and delay in domestic production, etc. The committee has asked the ministry to present a note as to why so few beds were reserved for patients in Delhi's government hospitals in the early days of the epidemic.

The parliamentary committee on vaccination will investigate

The world is waiting for its vaccine to get relief from Corona. The adult vaccination program is going to be started on a large scale in India for the first time. In such a situation, the Parliamentary Committee has decided to monitor all activities related to the vaccine.

An important meeting is also to be held on Monday regarding the production of the vaccine. Vaccine testing is being monitored directly from the Prime Minister's Office. Vaccination preparations were currently going on in the country, but now the government's full focus is on the final test results of the vaccine.

For this, this meeting will be held under the supervision of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, which will also include representatives associated with pharmaceutical companies. Apart from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, committees of the Ministry of Science are monitoring the activities related to it.