Corona infection : Now pus is falling in the liver of corona patients, 14 cases came to the fore, one died


New challenges are being seen regarding corona infection and the medical condition of the patients suffering from it. Now cases of pus falling in the liver of corona patients are coming to the fore. So far, 14 such cases have been found in which corona infection was identified as well as pus in their liver and till the time of surgery.

Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital confirmed the fungus was also found here first

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi has confirmed all these cases. Earlier, cases of fungus among corona-infected patients in the country were also first reported in this hospital. According to doctors, pus-filled abscesses in the liver are usually caused by a parasite called 'Entamoeba histolytic which spreads through contaminated food and water.

There have been 14 such cases in the hospital, out of which one patient has died. This patient had an abscess of the size of 19 cm in the abdomen, which had burst and spread pus in the abdomen by the time he reached the hospital.

Professor Anil Arora of the hospital told that after recovering from Kovid within 22 days, both sides of the liver were filled with excessive pus, which required immediate drainage and hospitalization. . The age of these patients is between 28-74 years. Such cases are being found both during infection and post covid situations.

13 patients discharged

Among the hospitalized patients, 10 were men and four were women. All of them had symptoms of fever, abdominal pain, while some also saw bleeding with black-colored stools. Eight of these 14 patients received steroids for the management of COVID-19 symptoms. Six patients had multiple large abscesses on both sides of the liver, five of which were more than 8 cm in size. In one patient, an abscess up to 19 cm has been seen.

According to doctors, three patients who had blood in the stool had ulcers in the large intestine that were detected by colonoscopy (the large intestine viewed through a camera). At present, there is news of relief that 13 patients have been discharged from the hospital. Whereas a patient with a large abscess died of pus spreading in the abdomen.

Pro. Anil Arora said that many more large boils were found in the patients which is very unusual for an immunocompetent person. Immunity, as well as steroid use, can be attributed to COVID-19 infection.