Corona Havoc: After the Madras High Court rebuke, the Election Commission took a big decision, imposed this ban!


In view of the increasing transition of Corona in India, now the Election Commission of India has taken a major decision. The Election Commission has taken a major decision in relation to the celebrations that will be held on May 2 after the assembly election results of 5 states including West Bengal, Kerala. The Election Commission has banned the celebration of the victory of the Assembly elections.

The Election Commission has taken this decision after the intervention of the Madras High Court. Earlier, the Madras High Court had severely reprimanded the Election Commission and officials for holding the assembly elections in the Corona era.

Under this decision of the Election Commission, after the counting of votes on May 2, political parties will not be able to hold celebrations, rallies, victory processions etc. According to the news, a detailed order in this regard will be issued by the Election Commission soon.