Corona: Government dismisses media reports of Covin being hacked


The central government has issued a statement saying that the Kovin system used for the registration of the corona vaccine is completely safe and the news of hacking this system appears to be fake. However, the central government said that it would get the matter investigated.

It will be investigated by the Computer Emergency Response Team, the statement said. Dismissing reports of Kovin being hacked, Health Minister and Chairman of Empowered Group of Vaccine Administration RS Sharma said that all data stored on the Kovin app is secure.

The government said in a statement that there have been some reports that the Kovin app can be hacked. Although prima facie all these reports appear to be fake. However, the Health Ministry will get it checked through the Computer Emergency Response Team of the Ministry of Information and Technology.

RS Sharma said that Kovin's data is not shared with any other organization outside the system. Sharma said in a statement that it has been reported in the news that the Kovin app can be hacked, our attention has been drawn to this. In this regard, we would like to say that all data on Covin is secure.

Let us tell you that there is no other mobile app in the country other than Arogya Setu and Umang App, which is registering the vaccination and in both cases, one has to login to Kovin through the app for the registration of the vaccine.