Corona crisis continues in the country, but there is a decline in new cases


The corona epidemic crisis continues in India. However, there is a steady decline in new cases coming up daily. If we look at the data for the last 24 hours, then 3.29 lakh new cases have been reported in the country. It is about 37 thousand less than in the past. Let me tell you that for the past few days, there has been a decrease in cases. This trend is going to give some relief.

Let us tell you that with 3,29,379 patients, there have been 2,29,91,927 total corona cases in India so far. In addition to the decline in new cases of the corona, the reduction in active cases is also relieving. In the last 24 hours in the country, 3,55,745 patients have beaten the corona. So far 1,90,21,207 patients have become healthy.

Apart from this, there has also been a decrease in the death toll from the corona epidemic. In the last 24 hours, 3877 patients have lost their lives. With this, 2,50,025 people have died due to this epidemic so far.

According to the data released by the state health department, 37,236 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Maharashtra on Monday, after which the total number of infected has increased to 51,38,973. Currently, there are 5,90,818 active cases in the state, which are undergoing treatment.

After the death of 549 people, the total death toll has increased to 76,398. As of now, this number has increased to 44,69,425 when it comes to the total recovery patients. In the past day, 61,607 people have recovered from Corona.