Corona cases are increasing in India despite repeated lockdowns, know why 


Narendra Modi ji got tired of increasing the lockdown and finally got four lockdowns, it has been almost 60 days, but it is clear that the lockdown of Hindustan has failed, the goal was not met, but now the question is in the mind that After all, despite increasing lockdown time and again, let us know the cases of corona growing in India.

In the first lockdown of 21 days, the government showed strictness in every case, almost followed social distancing. But as the lockdown progressed, the government relaxed. Even liquor shops were allowed to open, people forgot social distancing. Corona cases increased after travel restrictions were relaxed.

The biggest problem came from the lockdown to the poor and migrant laborers. The government did not make any special arrangements for them. Due to no living arrangements, the laborers went out on foot on the way to the homes, the government started trains to take the migrant laborers home. As people reached their villages, matters began to increase. In states like Chhattisgarh, where the cases of corona were negligible, cases have also increased after the arrival of migrants. If the government had dealt with the problem of migrant workers properly, then the cases might not have increased this much.