Corona becoming more dangerous with changing nature, catastrophe caused by these variants, the third wave will be more deadly


Due to the frequent mutations, the coronavirus has been taking a more dangerous approach. Two new variants of Corona have wreaked havoc in India, which were largely safe in the first wave of Corona. Among these also, the double mutant variant seen for the first time in India is believed to be responsible for the latest infection. According to the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), British and double mutant variants have been confirmed to reach 27 states and union territories by May 4.

Dr. K Vijay Raghavan, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, has attributed this variant to the second wave of Corona in the whole world after October. From January to September last year, two variants of the coronavirus were reported every month all over the world. These variants were also much like the old coronavirus and there was no risk of infection due to them. But at the end of September, three variants were found, which became the cause of concern in the whole world. These variants were seen in Brazil, South Africa, and Britain, which caused the second wave in these countries as well as in many countries of Europe and America.

In India too, the British variant is being mainly attributed to the infection in Punjab and Gujarat, while the double mutant variant in Maharashtra. Both British and double mutant variants have been seen in Delhi. However, Sujit Kumar Singh, director of NCDC, says that even though the double mutant variant is being found in all the states, we do not yet have the data to directly attribute it to the second wave.

Even though the government is not officially blaming the double mutant variant for the second wave in India, World Health Organization chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan considers this to be the main reason. Swaminathan also made it clear that the World Health Organization may soon declare the double mutant variant a 'variant of Concern'. That is, the whole world needs to be concerned about this variant.

The third wave is more deadly than the second

The problem is not just the variants responsible for the second wave. The second wave is also slowly reaching the peak. It is a matter of concern that every day the third wave of corona becomes more deadly than any other as new variants are exposed. Dr. K. Vijayaraghavan has indicated this danger. There is also concern that the safety of the existing vaccine against the new variant of Corona may not prove to be inadequate, as is still seen in isolated cases.

More than 13 lakh variants have been known so far

An ICMR scientist said that identifying variants is not difficult. More than 13 lakh variants have been identified so far. But the problem comes in knowing which variant will prove to be more contagious in the future. After being identified in September, the British and South African variants became highly contagious in December. Similarly, the double mutant variant identified at the end of November is being attributed to the second wave that began in March in India.