Corona : After two days of relief, the figures again scared, the number of infected and deaths increased


There are continuous ups and downs in the number of coronae infections in the country. After two days of relief, once again on Wednesday, the figures of Corona have scared. According to the latest data, 37,875 new corona infections have been reported in the country within 24 hours. Whereas on Tuesday this number was 31,222. The concern of the Health Department has increased with the increase of 6,653 cases within a day.

369 deaths in 24 hours

According to the data released by the Health Department, 369 people died of corona in the last 24 hours. Whereas, on Tuesday this number was 290. On Wednesday, 39,114 corona patients recovered and went home.

3,91,256 active cases in the country

After the number of 37,875 corona patients reported in the last 24 hours, there have been 3,91,256 active cases in the country. At the same time, a total of 3,30,96,718 infected have been reported in the country so far. Out of this, 3,22,64,051 have been cured and 4,41,411 patients have died.

The coming 15 days in Mumbai are very important

Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar warned the people. He said that the next 15 days will prove to be very important for Mumbai. Expressing concern over the increasing number of corona patients, he said that it is useless to talk about the third wave of corona because the third wave has arrived. It has also been announced in Nagpur. So Mumbaikars need to take special precautions. Kishori said that Ganeshotsav is starting from September 10. There is a huge crowd of people in the market for shopping. There is a public violation of the rules of Corona. If people do not follow the corona protocol, then during the festive season, corona can again take hold of Mumbai.

Corona figures in Mumbai are terrifying

There has been an increase of about 19 percent in weekly corona cases in Mumbai. Which is pretty scary. Thus the figures are proving the warning of the third wave to be correct. Between 300 and 400 new cases of corona are being reported daily in Mumbai. On Tuesday, 353 new corona patients were reported in Mumbai, due to which the total number of corona patients in Mumbai has increased to 74,7,078. While there are still 3718 active patients in Mumbai.