Condition critical due to cloudburst in Jammu's Kishtwar, IAF deployed three helicopters for rescue and relief operations!


These days the condition of Kashmir is very serious. Recently, a cloud burst in the Kishtwar area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir in which 6 people have died and many people are missing, due to which the IAF has come forward for rescue and relief operations.

Despite the current bad weather, IAF rescue and put up to help the three helicopter people for relief operations, J to one of Udhampur and Srinagar, are being used to airlift in Kishtwar SDRF / NDRF teams Is.

Also, seriously injured people have been evacuated from Kishtwar to Sondar. Helicopters have engaged 2250 kg, 44 NRDF personnel, 4 medical assistants in relief work as well as people who are being shifted to any other in the coming days. IAF helicopters will remain on standby for disaster relief operations.