CM Shivraj said - women will get 4000 before the birth of a child and 12,000 rupees after having a child, free education, and malnutrition will also be taken care of


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that we will ensure that children from poor families get free education. They got books, hostel admission, and food. He further said that many women were malnourished and the BJP must take care of them. 4 years ago, we decided to put 1000 rupees in their accounts so that they can stay healthy. It was halted under Congress.

CM Shivraj said, 'Under the Sambal Yojana, all pregnant women will be given Rs 4000 before giving birth and Rs 12,000 after birth for the good health and safety of the child and mother.'

Apart from this, the Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh is preparing to give private work or job opportunities to the employees while in government service. Under this, employees will be able to do any work by taking a maximum leave of five years. During this period, they will continue to get half the salary. His seniority will not be affected by this arrangement. This exercise is being done to reduce the expenditure of the government. At present, the state government is spending about Rs 60,000 crore annually on salaries and allowances. However, employees of many such departments including teachers, doctors, paramedical staff, police will not come under its purview, whose services are essential.