Circle inspector father salutes DSP daughter, photo goes viral on social media


All parents want to see their children happy and see their dreams fulfilled. They wish that their children should go further than them, and earn a bigger name than them. It feels proud to be like this. One such incident was witnessed in Andhra Pradesh, where a circle inspector's father was seen saluting his DSP daughter.

Shyam Sundar is posted in Tirupati as a Circle Inspector in Andhra Pradesh Police. It was a proud moment for him as a circle inspector father he saluted his DSP daughter Yendura Jessie. Now, this photo is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Everyone is praising them both and giving their congratulations.

Please tell that Jessie is an officer of the provincial police service of the 2018 batch. Actually, Andhra Pradesh Police is organizing Police Duty Meet 2021 in Tirupati these days. Father and daughter met during this event. Shyam Sundar is posted in Tirupati while his daughter as DSP is posted in Guntur.