China once again gave this warning to India, said - with fire!


During the rising infection of the Coronavirus, these days India-China relations seem to be bitter. China is not able to digest India's growing proximity to American. That is why now he is seen poisoning against India.

Because of this, now China has warned India that by joining the G-seven in support of America and playing with fire, it may have to suffer a great loss.

According to a report published in China's official media Global Times, US President Donald Trump is dreaming of joining India, Russia, and some other countries in the G-7 to make it G-10 or G-11. China said that even though it will benefit developed countries, but India is bound to have a clear disadvantage.

China admitted that such a step is being taken by America to suppress it in every way. Significantly, the US President Donald Trump is trying to include India and other countries in the G-7 countries. In this regard, he has also spoken to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone.