Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot targeted opposition leaders regarding the Corona vaccine!


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has targeted the opposition leaders through social media today over the news of the wastage of the Corona vaccine.

Ashok Gehlot tweeted that today in the Lok Sabha, the Union Health Ministry has told that no vaccine dose was wasted in Rajasthan, but till July 13, 2.46 lakh vaccine doses were extra. This is a befitting reply to those who demoralized our health workers by making false allegations of vaccine wastage.

He said that many times in the vaccine vial, 11 doses come instead of 10. This extra dose is also used up through careful vaccination. Due to this, the vaccine wastage is negative ie less than zero. In the absence of information, opposition leaders made fun of the negative wastage. Significantly, questions have been raised many times in Rajasthan regarding the corona vaccine.