Cheating Wife used to talk to SP at night, then-husband got a clue, what happened after that ...  


An SP posted in Agra district may find it very overwhelming to talk lovingly to a woman from Lucknow. When the woman's husband came to know about this, there was a ruckus in the house. The husband complained to the SP at the DGP office. The investigation of the case has been handed over from the DGP office to SSP Agra and the husband has been assured that a fair investigation will be done.

SP has been posted in Agra for a long time. Police sources said the complaint letter states that they contacted the woman over the phone from the year 2018. After this things started happening. Gradually, they became closer. Officers started calling every night.

Seven days ago the woman's husband's clue was found. He checked the wife's mobile. The quarrel started in the house when asked about the message. The woman's husband says the wife had been treating him strangely for a long time. Then he got suspicious.

The officer has also been posted to Lucknow. At the same time, the police officers are avoiding speaking anything in this matter. However, a senior official confirmed receipt of the complaint letter. The complaint letter states that the officer has five SIM cards. He used to talk by changing the number. SIM numbers are also given. They have demanded the removal of call details.