Challan of 2,00,500 deducted of the truck owner for not following traffic rules.


Motor Vehicle Act of 2019 is implemented across the country. Many people are welcoming this decision whereas many are angry because they have to pay heavy fines.

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As soon as this Act is implemented, the traffic police are cutting huge challans of people for not following the traffic rules. Recently, a man had a challan of Rs 23,000. The traffic police had deducted an auto driver's Rs 37,000 invoice. Now another news has come that due to non-compliance of traffic rules, the traffic police paid a truck owner Rs. 2,00,500. The invoice has been deducted.

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Let us tell you that a challan of Rs 5,000 will be deducted for driving without DL. An invoice of Rs 10,000 will be required for drunk driving, Rs 5,000 for overspeeding, Rs 5,000 for using a phone while driving and Rs 1,000 for not using a seat belt.