Central government may take these big decisions regarding lockdown, this may be the fifth step


The fourth phase of the lockdown is going to end on 31 May ie tomorrow. Now the lockdown will be abolished in the country or its duration will be extended once again, on which the Central Government can take a big decision.

It is believed that due to increasing number of corona patients in the country, the lockdown can be extended till June 15. Many states in the country have supported increasing the lockdown.

The central government can take several major decisions regarding lockdown five. On Friday, PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have also held a meeting regarding the lockdown. The central government can now delegate the right to impose restrictions or exemptions from June 1 to the states.

Today, given the growing transition of the Corona, the central government may decide to keep the malls and cinema halls closed for international flights as well. The same government may make it mandatory for people to wear face masks in public places. States can also get the right to take decisions regarding opening of schools.