Central government is bringing 'Covin App', will be helpful in keeping the data of Corona vaccine


After the coronavirus epidemic, everyone is eagerly waiting for the corona vaccine. To make the vaccine accessible to the people easily, the central government is bringing an app. Its name will be 'Cowin Ape'. Data will be collected in this, who has been vaccinated, how much has been purchased, how much has been distributed, and how much has been stored. It will also inform the recipient of the vaccine in advance.

The government believes that this app will be helpful in uploading data on a time basis as well as receiving data. It will also enable the officers to work at the ground level. Apart from this, it will be helpful for the states to make the data available to the center.

Ir App's involvement includes agencies such as ICMR, Ministry of Health, and Ayushman Bharat. It will help to get the data of people through technology. In addition, the app will also generate a vaccination certificate and will provide an option to store it in Digi-Locker.

Significantly, only after the introduction of the corona vaccine, the economy of the country will improve, people will be able to come out of the house without fear. But for this, it is very important to have data. It is important to keep a record of who got the vaccine. At the same time, there will be transparency about storage and distribution and there will be ease in reaching vaccines to the people.