Central and state governments will work together to stop fake invoices


The central and state governments have started a campaign since Monday to check the rising incidence of GST theft through fake invoices. Under this, the process of cancellation of GST registration to check fraud will be made more effective.

The GST Council's Law Committee agreed to further strengthen the registration process after the meeting. Sources say that the Finance Ministry can also change the law to prevent fraud. The rules for its suspension will also be made stricter with the new registration.

The department will use data analysis techniques to identify such taxpayers and registration will be canceled as soon as they are detected. Along with technology, there is also a preparation to conduct physical and financial verification with the help of field officers. This work will be completed even before the taxpayer registers GST.

The meeting will be held on November 18

The council's legal committee will meet again on 18 November to discuss the registration and its suspension in detail. Finance Ministry sources said that the incidence of ITC claims through fake bills has increased considerably. Preparations are being made to take all possible steps to check this. Apart from businessmen, exporters are also involved in this game.