Celebrities started joining the anti-dengue campaign, singer Shankar Mahadevan supported the campaign


The anti-dengue campaign of the Delhi government has started getting the support of celebrities just like last year. On the 8th week of '10 Weeks, 10 AM, 10 Minutes', the famous singer Shankar Mahadevan supported the campaign on social media and encouraged Delhiites to follow the guidelines on prevention of dengue.

Like every week, under the campaign, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal changed the water stored in his house. He appealed to Delhiites to join this campaign. He inspired people to inspect the water stored at their residence, evacuate the accumulated water, and prevent mosquitoes from growing by pouring oil-petrol into the water.

The Chief Minister said that with the collective efforts of Delhiites, they will be able to stop the breeding of dengue mosquitoes and protect the family and entire Delhi from dengue. In a tweet, the Chief Minister said that on the 8th Sunday of the campaign against dengue, this morning I again checked the water that had stopped at my house and replaced it. To defeat dengue, all we have to do is stop mosquitoes from growing. Dengue is under control like last time. Delhi is beating Dengue for the second consecutive year.

Last year, the support and support of veteran cricketer Virender Sehwag and other prominent personalities led to a major success in the Delhi Government's '10 week, 10 pm, 10-minute' campaign. This time too, celebrities and social media influencers are motivating them to join the campaign by recording and sharing their views to prevent mosquitoes from growing under the campaign.

These are things to be done ...

Change the water collected in the house

Dengue mosquitoes thrive in clear stagnant water

Empty and replace the water stored in utensils, coolers, AC, tires, vases etc. every week

Add a few drops of oil/petrol to the stored water, so that a small layer is formed on it.

Always keep the water tank covered with a lid

People inspect their homes and encourage 10 of their friends to join the campaign by calling