Career along with studies: Tesla will recruit even those who don't have any degrees


While it is not possible to get a job without a degree in India, the car company Tesla is going to recruit only those who have completed schooling in the US, while not giving special importance to college and higher education. Under this, she is starting to recruit 10,000 staff for her Giga factory in the city of Austin. According to the company, a college degree will not be required for the job here. Tesla owner Elon Musk has announced that people will be hired at the plant by 2022.

According to the company, its goal is being told to provide school-going youth an opportunity to pursue a college education while doing jobs. The world's leading billionaire Musk is investing around seven and a half thousand crore rupees here. Last year, it was said that five thousand staff were recruited for this factory, but now it has been doubled.

Studies as well as careers

The company has also contacted Austin's Community College, University of Texas, Dell Well School, etc. for fresh recruits. The company is also looking at recruiting students who want to start a career at Tesla while continuing their studies.