Cabinet Meeting : Today Modi cabinet meeting will be held on corona and cabinet expansion


Speculation of cabinet expansion in Modi Sarkar 2.0 has intensified. On Wednesday, a meeting of the Group of Ministers is going to be held at the Prime Minister's official residence under the chairmanship of the PM. It is being told that apart from several cabinet expansions, other issues will be discussed in the meeting.

Prime Minister Modi's meeting with BJP leaders during the Corona crisis has intensified speculation about cabinet expansion and reshuffle. According to sources, so far three such review meetings of Modi with ministers have been held at the Prime Minister's official residence at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg. In this episode, a meeting is going to be held again on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If sources are to be believed, the situation of Corona will be discussed and the cabinet expansion will be discussed in the meeting. There are currently 60 ministers in the Modi cabinet.

For the past few days, PM Modi has been holding meetings with the colleagues of the Union Council of Ministers in different groups at his official residence. Along with this, the report of the work of the ministers is also being seen. Apart from this, he is also meeting the Chief Ministers of the BJP and BJP allies. His recent meeting with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has fueled speculation of cabinet expansion. In fact, these meetings are usually held before a cabinet reshuffle or expansion. After Nitish Kumar's visit to Delhi, the political stir intensified that this time JDU will also get a place in the Modi cabinet.

Cabinet expansion possible before the monsoon session

Actually, the monsoon session of Parliament is expected to start from the second week of July. Earlier there is speculation about the inclusion of a new face in the cabinet. There is a lot of discussion about cabinet expansion before the monsoon session. There are currently 60 ministers in the Modi government and their number can go up to 79. In such a situation, the stir of cabinet expansion has intensified amid this exercise of discussions and meetings with the ministers and senior leaders of the party. However, nothing has been said officially by the government or the BJP in this regard.