Budget session: Opposition attack on the government for farmers' movement, proceedings of Rajya Sabha begin


In both houses of Parliament, there was a fierce debate on Thursday between the power and opposition about the peasant movement. The opposition targeted the government on how to deal with the peasant movement. The Lok Sabha proceedings had to be postponed due to opposition uproar. On the other hand, MPs of 10 opposition parties have written to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla saying that the condition of the farmers is like that of the inmates of the jail. On Thursday, a delegation of opposition parties reached the Ghazipur border to meet the agitating farmers. However, Delhi Police stopped him. Congress MP Deepinder Singh Hooda said that it is the farmers who make India self-sufficient in the food supply and due to the protests they are being labeled as 'terrorists' and 'anti-national'. RJD's Manoj Kumar Jha said the government had lost patience to listen and portrayed any criticism as anti-national. Even today, the peasant movement is expected to dominate both the houses of Parliament.

BJP MP gave notice

BJP MP Mahesh Poddar has given notice of short-term discussion in Rajya Sabha about 'efficient handling of Kovid-19 situation in the country'.

Opposition MPs wrote a letter to the speaker

On Thursday, MPs from 10 opposition parties wrote to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, saying that the situation on the Ghazipur border is like the Indo-Pakistan border and the condition of farmers is like that of prison inmates. 15 MPs from these parties including Shiromani Akali Dal, DMK, NCP, and Trinamool Congress had gone to meet the protesting farmers on the Ghazipur border but they could not meet the farmers.

On 8 February, PM Modi will reply to the vote of thanks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can reply to the vote of thanks on Monday, February 8 in the Rajya Sabha on the President's address.