Budget 2021: Good initiative for startups, but the government couldn't show the big courage


The general budget can be called good, but the government needed to show great courage. The government has not been able to show such tax especially in terms of expenditure and investment. It will depend on whether or not the government keeps its promise in the future. Yes, in the startup case with migrant laborers, the government has given a clear message of doing something better.

When I talk of showing less courage, it means the cost incurred by the government. In the Corona era, the countries of the world are insisting on increasing expenditure, bypassing the fiscal deficit. He has only one mantra. Spend and don't worry about the financial economy. As far as the Indian economy is concerned, the 6.8 percent fiscal deficit is not a big concern in the Corona era. Despite this, the government failed to show great courage.

Difficult to rely on reforms: Finance Minister has announced to sell PSUs, increase the investment in the insurance sector to 74%. There is no need for the government to actually do the same in the future. During the Vajpayee government nearly two decades ago, Disinvestment Minister Arun Shourie took a strong step towards this. Although after this Manmohan and Modi government made big claims on reform, but could not show the courage to execute it. It has to be understood here that to speed up the economy, it is necessary to raise money by selling PSUs. It is in the pit of the future whether the government will do this or not.

Better Initiatives for Startups: The budget has introduced better initiatives for migrant laborers and startups. There was a need to avoid complications and large support. The government has shown courage on both fronts. Giving the freedom of startup to a person, protecting the NRI from problems, simplifying the rules will give the government the benefit. Announcement of registration of migrant laborers by creating a portal is a welcome step.