Brazil suspends clinical trial of Covaccine, Bharat Biotech had to supply 20 million doses


Brazil has suspended clinical trials of Bharat Biotech's anti-corona vaccine, Covaccine. Brazil has taken this step after Bharat Biotech canceled the contract for vaccine supply with two Brazilian companies.

Bharat Biotech on Friday announced the cancellation of agreements entered into with Brazilian companies Precisa Medicamentos and Envixia Pharmaceuticals LLC for the supply of Covaccine with immediate effect. The Indian company had signed an agreement to supply 20 million doses of the corona vaccine to the Brazilian government, but a dispute arose in the South American country regarding this. Brazil has put a hold on the deal for the time being and has also started its investigation.

Brazilian drug regulator Anvisa said in a statement that the Indian company has informed it about the termination of the agreement with the Brazilian company. After this, it has been decided to suspend clinical trials of Covaccine in Brazil.

In Brazil, Covaccine had to go through two processes for which the company had applied to the drug regulator. One process was for approval for emergency use and the other for clinical trials in Brazil. The regulator said the ongoing process for grant of emergency use approval would be assessed and an appropriate decision would be taken after being informed by Bharat Biotech. Whereas, the clinical trial will not start.