Blueprint for creation of an equitable nation, incorporation of wonderful values in Indian Constitution


After the independence of the country, the people of India had democratically decided to rebuild, change and develop their nation. In this order, the adoption of the Indian Constitution on 26 November 1949 by our nation makers was a milestone in the direction of democracy, then the implementation of the Constitution on 26 January 1950 was a historic moment, which brought about a new vision of India. Laid the foundation of construction. The Constitution of India is not just a book of rules, but it is the blueprint of the creation of a progressive, welfare, and egalitarian nation for the citizens of India. It is a sacred book based on the thoughts and philosophy of the great politicians and constitution-makers of our freedom struggle, which seeks to materialize our aspiration to make our country a world guru again by basing our thousands of years old civilization and culture. is.

It is a wonderful compilation of human rights, national duties, and state functions. It is a reflection of the hopes and aspirations of the citizens of India. Our Constitution makes our faith in freedom, equality, and justice stronger for all the citizens of this great ancient nation. As a citizen, our greatest and most sacred duty is to understand our constitution, assimilate and behave accordingly. The most effective means of strengthening democracy in the country is to tell our younger generation in relation to the values ​​and ideals from which our freedom struggle and constitution were guided. An enlightened society can only create a strong nation. Keeping this spirit at the root, the Hon'ble Prime Minister gave a new meaning to the popular word 'KYC' and called for the promotion of constitutional provisions and ideals among the present generation.

The purpose of the 'Constitution Day Youth Club-Campaign', organized last year, was to activate the youth to spread awareness about our Constitution among the people across the country. Taking this forward, now the 'KYC-Know Your Constitution' campaign is being started soon in schools, colleges, and universities of the country. For this purpose, there will be a grand constitution room in the new Parliament House, in which the original copy of the Constitution will be kept and which will also show our rich parliamentary and constitutional heritage. To connect the citizens of the country with the Constitution and Parliament with new energy, it is necessary to include the Constitution as a separate subject in the school curriculum, so that our young citizens are aware of their rights and duties and the future ideals. Become a citizen. The 'National Youth Parliament Program' is also a part of this effort. We have an obligation to dedicate ourselves to the creation of a glorious nation of the 21st century so that we can fulfill the dreams that the Constitution makers had dreamed of with our confidence, hard work, and determination. Let us, while celebrating 72nd Republic Day, pledge to build a strong, self-sufficient India in accordance with the core spirit of our Constitution.