Blockage in the lungs of patients six months after recovery from corona infection


Recovery is rarely seen in severe patients suffering from coronavirus but who are able to defeat the infection. They get a blockage in the lungs after 3 to 6 months. So far, many such patients have come to the fore who had to be admitted to the hospital even after recovering from an infection. This situation is being found in many metropolitan hospitals in the country including Delhi.

Symptoms found in more than 100 patients, an increasing problem in serious patients

According to the information, so far more than 100 patients have been found who became healthy after getting corona infected but later they are facing lung problems. According to doctors, these are the side effects of corona infection. Dr. Ashok Jainer, Advisor to the National Health Services of England, says that this is happening in many countries of the world, but in India, it is coming up fast.

Another country has a recovery rate of close to 93 percent. At the same time, due to a lack of monitoring of people recovering from an infection, the post kovid situation is also not being properly assessed. There are some cases where lung damage was reported only after 2 weeks of recovery from infection.

Fibrosis found in lungs in 50 percent

Doctor Jenner said that one of his doctor friends was not infected in India. Four weeks later, when he decided to get a lung test, he had fibrosis problems in 50 percent of his lungs. He underwent treatment after a chest x-ray, but there are still a large number of patients who have not undergone their examination after recovering from an infection.