BJP made three big announcements before the Maharashtra elections, the third one was the most powerful


Assembly elections are due in two major states of Haryana and Maharashtra on October 21. All political parties are busy in election preparations. The results of this election will come on 24 October. Many veteran BJP leaders including PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah have started campaigning. With this, the BJP has released its election manifesto for Maharashtra. In this manifesto, BJP has made three big announcements.

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First big announcement

Making a big announcement in its election manifesto, the Bharatiya Janata Party has said that once the government is formed in Maharashtra, one crore jobs will be provided. Also by 2022, each person will be given pure water for drinking and drinking.

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Second big announcement

The Bharatiya Janata Party has made another big announcement in its election manifesto, promising to build and maintain the best roads in 5 years. Also, 5 lakh crore rupees will be invested in the infrastructure project.

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Third major announcement

The BJP has declared the third and most powerful in its election manifesto, saying that Maharashtra will be liberated dry in the coming 5 years. Also, 167 TMC of water will be sent to the drought-hit areas in Marathwada and North Maharashtra.