BJP lost power in 7 states within 14 months, has countdown started?

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BJP has also lost in the Delhi Assembly elections. Kejriwal has won 62 seats in Delhi and BJP has managed to win 8 seats. With the defeat of Delhi, in the last 14 months, BJP has seen defeat in seven states, while in 5 states, BJP has lost its power.


BJP has not come to Delhi for the last 22 years. This time the BJP tried its best to break this exile but could not succeed.

After 2014, BJP made a grip across the country

In 2014, the BJP government was only having 7 states, but after that, the Modi wave showed its strength and the BJP reached in 13 states in 2015. After this, in 2016, BJP held 15 states. The BJP expanded to 19 states in 2017 and by the middle of 2018 the BJP managed to win in 21 states and now the BJP's countdown has begun.

BJP's countdown started

In late 2018, the BJP first lost power from Rajasthan. After this, BJP also had to taste defeat in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh assembly elections. The BJP also suffered a setback in the Karnataka elections in South India.

This happened in 2018

The BJP and TDP had a coalition government in Andhra Pradesh, South India, but in 2018 the two broke up. After the break-up of the alliance, the BJP also lost from here and along with the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, elections were held in Odisha, Arunachal, and Andhra Pradesh. In which BJP could win only in Arunachal Pradesh.

Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand elections in late 2019

Assembly elections were held in Maharashtra, Haryana, and Jharkhand in late 2019. In these, the BJP could form its government only in Haryana and BJP had to face defeat in the remaining 2 states.


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