BJP launches 'Know Namo' quiz on Narendra Modi's birthday, winners will get PM's signed books


On the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Namo app launched a unique module for fans, using which you can glimpse PM Modi's life and send him birthday wishes. Through this, users can view PM Modi's life-story, his journey, his achievements in a never before seen format.

Launched on Thursday, the three different modules are seeing participation from a large number of people across the country. Many people have taken virtual tours and wished for PM Modi through the app. A special virtual exhibition for this special day has also been launched by Namo App for all its users.

Through the app, people can watch a 360-degree virtual exhibition on PM Modi's life, there are special story panels and videos that get you to know about PM Modi's life. There is also a special quiz competition on the Namo app, which has been launched with information about PM Modi and BJP. The quiz is exclusively available on the app. Through this, users can test their knowledge about the Prime Minister. The winners will be presented with signed books of PM Modi themselves.

Those who wish to wish PM Modi on his birthday can also do so through the Namo app. You can send special greetings and express your feelings. To do this, just download the Namo app, upload your thoughts.