BJP does not want to lose the role of elder brother in Bihar


In Bihar, there will continue to be a tussle between JDU and BJP. Actually, BJP wants to give CM Nitish Kumar independence in running the government but does not want to lose the role of the elder brother. The party feels that if it comes under pressure in the beginning, then in the future also it will have to remain under JDU pressure. This is the reason that BJP is not in a hurry for Nitish cabinet expansion.

If we agree on equal participation in the government, then JDU will demand equal seats in future

Despite winning nearly half the seats of the BJP, Nitish wants equal participation of both parties in the cabinet. Whereas BJP wants to distribute cabinet seats according to the ratio of seats.

Due to a lack of consensus, the cabinet expansion has not been completed since the formation of the government. According to BJP sources, following the alliance religion, the party made Nitish the CM. After this, there should obviously be a proportionate allocation of cabinet seats.

Mindgame in progress

Mindgame continues to bring each other under pressure. Nitish Kumar is indirectly attacking the BJP. The cabinet is blaming the BJP for not expanding. In the state executive meeting, many JDU candidates have accused the BJP of cheating.

BJP sources say that JDU is trying to pressure the BJP. Realizing the JDU's strategy, the BJP is silently rejecting the demand for equal participation in the cabinet.