Birthday Special: Priyanka Gandhi is the owner of such crores of assets! You will be surprised to know


Today is the 49th birthday of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress General Secretary and in-charge of Uttar Pradesh. On this occasion, they are constantly receiving congratulations. Priyanka Gandhi gave her first speech at the age of 16, but since she abstained from active politics. Therefore his speeches are not so heard.

Today we are going to tell you about Priyanka Gandhi's total wealth on the occasion of her birthday.

Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra completed her graduation in Psychology after which she expressed her allegiance to the Congress. She opted to be behind the curtain of INC politics in which he played the role of campaign manager for his family, where he tried to prevent the disintegration of his party during the 2007 assembly elections.

She proved to be a considerable asset to the Gandhi family as she finally got ready for a political career where she was appointed Congress General Secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East).

According to the financial website Finnap, Priyanka Gandhi owns four houses worth 85 crores. While her net worth is around 450 crores. And she earns about 33 crore rupees every year.

Talking about luxury vehicles, Priyanka Gandhi has about 5 vehicles, which is worth about 4.1 crores. These include cars such as Ford and Jaguar. Priyanka Gandhi is also a trustee of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.