Bihar elections 2020: BJP-JDU pair will win like Sachin-Sehwag: Rajnath Singh


Rajnath Singh went to Flood, Nokha, and Aurangabad by helicopter. Rajnath started campaigning from the flood public meeting. Overall, all his emphasis was on the return of the BJP and Nitish government.

Patna. In Bihar Assembly Elections, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh (Defense Minister Rajnath Singh) is one of the star campaigners of BJP. His Bhojpuri is becoming a big hit in Bihar. Especially when he targets Tejashwi Yadav. Be it two-two hands or cricket from China, the enthusiasm of the people of Bihar who reached their rallies is seen. Rajnath Singh has campaigned in Bihar for 2 days. The team of News18 India also stayed with him for the whole day. On Thursday morning a special flight with him from Delhi reached Patna. From here, Rajnath Singh then went to Flood, Nokha, and Aurangabad by helicopter and addressed the public meeting at all three places. Rajnath started campaigning from the flood public meeting. Overall, all his emphasis was on the return of the BJP and Nitish government.

Sachin Sehwag's pair BJP and JDU

are constantly mentioning Rajnath cricket in their speeches during the IPL season. A generation has gone on to consider Sachin Sehwag as a hero. So whenever Rajnath says in his speeches, the BJP-JDU alliance pair is Sachin Sehwag's pair, always wins, and plays a long inning. The entire gathering resonates with applause.

15 years of a corruption-free government

Rajnath Singh said that the entire tenure of Nitish and BJP government has been corruption-free. Also, Nitish Kumar has implemented all the Central schemes on the ground. Therefore, this time there is pro-incumbency in Bihar, and people should not be surprised if BJP and JDU get a two-thirds majority. Rajnath said that BJP never did politics by throwing dust in the public's eye.

Advice to the leaders who speak spoiled rallies

Rajnath was greatly hurt by the disgrace of politicians in Bihar's campaigning. In his rallies, Rajnath also objected to throwing slippers and abusing the leaders. Rajnath said whether this is the dignity of Bihar and the country. Do not use profanity against anyone. Even if it is an opponent. Your strength is your vote. This edification was also for BJP leaders.

Voters are also interested in showing a mirror to China

Rajnath Singh is the defense minister of the country. And the border dispute with China and the martyrdom of the soldiers of Bihar in Galvan have not forgotten the country. The country knows how much patience, diplomacy, PM Modi, and defense minister Rajnath Singh have done day and night to strengthen their position. That is why Rajnath does not miss mentioning the martyrdom of the soldiers of Bihar. At the same time, the patriotic dose is also affecting the voters.

In his speeches, Amit refers to Shah

As soon as the mention of fighting terrorism and paramilitary forces comes, Rajnath Singh is praising his colleague Home Minister Amit Shah in the cabinet. In his three rallies, he told the people of Bihar that the Home Ministry has been successful in stopping the infiltration on the Pakistan border and combating terrorism.

There will be 20 rallies of

Rajnath, Rajnath Singh will go to the border of Sikkim on 24 October in Bihar. On October 25, on the day of Vijayadashami, along with worshiping weapons, he will also talk to the soldiers. On 26th and 27th October, Delhi, India will participate in the USA 2 Plus 2 Dialogue. Then we will move towards the Bihar elections. Rajnath is going to do a total of 20 rallies in Bihar.