Bihar Election: Nitish said - If you want mass genocide again in Bihar, don't vote for us


Voting for the first phase in Bihar will be held on October 28. In such a situation, all parties have started their campaign vigorously. With the beginning of the campaign, a round of accusations has also started. On Saturday, the Grand Alliance held a press conference and issued a resolution letter. RJD leader Tejashwi attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday. He said that for him the chair of the Chief Minister is the first and last truth. Tejashwi said that Nitish does not mean anything to the youth, women, deprived, farmers, laborers, and students. On the other hand, the LJP, which broke away from the NDA, is showing softness for the BJP, while on the other hand, it is not missing out on targeting the JDU. Chirag is opposing Nitish but he has no refrain from appealing votes for the BJP candidate. Read updates related to it here-

Don't want us to vote if you want kidnapping, mass genocide again in Bihar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has once again targeted RJD president Lalu Prasad Yadav. He said in a public meeting held in Dumraon, "If Bihar wants to kidnap, mass genocide then only then we will not vote." If you want to go out of Bihar again, then only vote for us. If you want peace and tranquility in Bihar, then vote for the NDA candidate. If those people come to power again, the kidnapping industry will be there.

BJP and allies will benefit from PM's name

Bihar election in-charge Devendra Fadnavis said, 'Wherever we go in Bihar and take the name of Prime Minister Modi, a lot of enthusiasm is seen among the people. The country and the people here have faith in Prime Minister Modi. This trust will not only benefit us but also our allies.

The Prime Minister can criticize me

Chirag Paswan said, 'I believe the Chief Minister of Bihar stopped implementing policies and became saturated. He rejected the young leaders, calling them naive but he himself started politics as a youth activist during the JP movement. We too are aware of Bihar and can think well. The state has already given him 15 years. Why should I not respect Modi ji. He only supported me when my father was admitted to the ICU. The Chief Minister is keen to portray the distance between LJP and BJP. I would like to allay this fear by saying that I would welcome BJP leaders, even the Prime Minister, to criticize me. '

Tejashwi asked - how will Nitish Kumar end unemployment

Tejashwi Yadav said, 'Nitish Kumar's first and last love is only to stick to his chief minister's chair. How will he end unemployment? Why does he not speak on migration, poverty, starvation? The youth know that if the NDA is not defeated, such a useless government will do nothing for the unemployed people.

Nitish Kumar specializes in the policy of divide and rule

The LJP President took a dig at Chief Minister Nitish and said, "Respected Nitish Kumar ji has put full emphasis on publicity to see the distance between me and the Prime Minister. The Chief Minister, who specializes in the policy of divide and rule, is trying to make a distance between me and the BJP every day. I do not have to demonstrate how my Prime Minister and I have a relationship. I can never forget the things he did for me from the time Papa was in the hospital to his last visit. I do not want Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fall into any religious crisis because of me. They should follow their alliance religion. If you have to say anything against me to satisfy the respected current Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, then feel free to say.

Nitish-BJP ruined two generations of Bihar

Tejashwi Yadav accused BJP and Nitish Kumar of darkening the lives of crores of youth. He said, 'In the greed of power, Nitish-BJP has ruined two generations of Bihar. Due to the wrong policies and decisions of the Chief Minister, today Bihar has become the main center of unemployment. The lives of crores of youth are bleak. Why does the Chief Minister never speak on this important and burning issue?

The chair is the first and last truth for Nitish

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav tweeted on Sunday, 'Respected Nitish Kumar ji is tired. Yen Kane is no longer his life except for sticking to a chair and spending his life. They have no concern with the youth, farmers, laborers, students, women and the poor. He has considered the chair as the first and last truth.

Chirag asks for votes for BJP candidate

LJP president and Jamui MP Chirag Paswan called for votes for BJP candidate Shreyasi Singh. He tweeted, "Many congratulations to BJP's younger sister Shreyasi Singh from Jamui assembly. Appeal to all LJP workers to help Shreyasi. Only BJP candidates and LJP candidates will form a new Bihar. A single vote given to JDU will force teachers to eat sticks.